Statement by Andrew Woodward

13 June 2018

Statement regarding Andrew Fraser (following the announcement of his retirement)

I admire anyone from any political persuasion who undertakes a period of their life in public office.

It is a stressful, time-consuming and challenging role; all done under the microscope of public and media scrutiny and commentary, which is getting more and more forensic and ferocious by the day, particularly in the age of social media.

While from the other side of politics, I commend Andrew Fraser for his service to the community and representing the area during three eras of government under ten premiers in 28 years.

After nearly three decades under Andrew Fraser, Coffs Harbour needs a totally fresh approach. When they awake from their nap, The National Party will just bowl up more of the same from their factory of mediocrity with their new candidate. They have form.

The Nationals are not fit for the future at a federal or state level. We have the most Sydney centric government in the history of the state at present. In Canberra, we have a chaotic government that is out of touch; with a National Party, that is out of ideas and, with a local member in Luke Hartsuyker who has run out of puff and is cruising to retirement. The Nationals are a party of the past.

We don’t need more of the same in Coffs Harbour. We need a totally fresh approach with a new party and new member who will get the basics right and take the area forward. That person is Labor’s Tony Judge.

Updated: 13 June 2018

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