It’s been a selfish and shambolic week on the other side of politics but I can promise you Labor remains focused on putting together a social and economic program for the future of our country.

Our team is united and we are determined. We know there’s no room for complacency and no time to waste.

We’ve got a plan to invest in every level of education, to properly fund hospitals and Medicare, to build better public transport and to create a stronger economy that delivers for working class and middle class people.

Because we know this country thrives when everyday Australians get a fair go.

I get that plenty of people think the system is broken and they’re getting a raw deal – and I can understand why. Living standards are flatlining, power bills and health costs are through the roof, secure jobs and decent child care are both too hard to find. A lot of Australians I meet feel like everything is going up, except their wages.

Yet the Liberals have decided to make the architect of all this economic unfairness their new Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison didn’t just support Malcolm Turnbull’s out-of-touch, trickle-down agenda – he designed it.

He wrote the budgets that cut billions from schools and hospitals and TAFE and child care.

He spent two years mocking Labor’s proposal for a Royal Commission into the Big Four banks and has spent three years trying to give them $17 billion of your money.

And, as his deputy, he will have the man most to blame for rising power bills, energy policy paralysis and the Liberals’ stubborn refusal to take real action on climate change.

Somehow, the people to blame for two of this government’s biggest failures are now its two most senior figures. It’s no wonder Australians are scratching their heads.

I know there’ll be a lot of talk in the next couple of days about how the Liberals are changing their slogans and their strategy.

But the last five years have shown that no matter how many times the Liberals change their leaders, they never change their minds.

For this government, the end game is always the same: cuts to hospitals and schools – and hand-outs for the top end of town.

My message to you is simple: Australia can do better than this and Australians deserve better than this.

It’s time to end the political chaos and the policy failures, it’s time the Australian people had a say in their country’s future. It’s time for an election.

My Labor team have spent five years of working on our policies, we are ready for the contest of ideas and we are ready to get work for the people of Australia.