Hello, I have received a handful of emails from people concerning the Adani mine. First, thank you for your concern about climate change, the environment and this proposal. I share your concern.

My response to those writing is:

Thank you for your correspondence asking about the position of Labor and myself on the Adani issue. I have had the following text on my website for a few months (LINK). It outlines Labor’s position and my views.
In short, I am 100 per cent opposed to any of the 13 new mines proposed by five companies in the Galilee Basin on the grounds that they don’t comply with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
Labor is committed to dealing with the proposals for mines in the Galilee Basin upon election to government. The Liberals and Nationals are not. We don’t believe these proposals stack up or are viable, particularly in the light of the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). All incoming governments examine major decisions made by previous governments; the basis of those decisions and any new information that is available.
Labor also has a great climate change action plan and plan to accelerate the orderly proliferation of renewables and phasing out of coal. The good news is that’s Labor’s climate change action plan is one of the most ambitious in the world and way ahead of many comparable nations. You can read about it here (LINK)
Personally, I am a committed climate change activist; I am one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leaders and I hold a Master of Environmental Management from UNSW. I also work in the sustainability advocacy industry and have prepared numerous submissions on environmental policy to departmental and parliamentary inquiries on behalf of LEAN, the Labor Environment Action Network. In Cowper, action on climate change is my number one priority: LINK
I hope you will join me in working to elect a Labor Government so we can deliver real action on climate change and deal with the legalities of the new mines before us.
Thanks for your interest.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition



Updated: 15 October 2018