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Welcome to first, the first of a new monthly newsletter, coming out around the first of the month to update supporters of our local Labor campaign. In Cowper, Labor is all about putting people first; being first in the campaign and then coming first on election day. 

This newsletter will hit on the key things happening in the campaign. If you want more information and more regularly, you can check out the campaign website – – or find us on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. We’re getting a great response to our policies and campaign. This far out from election day, we are exactly where we need to be. We’re leading on several issues; pursuing the government relentlessly on the embarrassing shambles that the Coffs Harbour Bypass has become; getting coverage in the media; generating lots of interest on social media and being well received when we are out and about in the community.

Many ask, when’s the election? I believe it will be held in either early February or mid to late May. My money is on the latter. Whether the election is in four weeks time or six months time, we are ready. We are ready in Cowper. We are ready nationally. 

The National Party will get a bit of attention over the next week as this Saturday they will choose their candidate for Cowper. I will have more to say about this then. Irrespective of who wins preselection on Saturday, the issue at the upcoming election is not the person – it is the party. We have had 55 years of continuous National Party representation in Cowper and that’s resulted in us under achieving and being left behind. 

In the coming weeks, we will be coming to you asking how you want to get involved in the campaign. We can win, but we need to build the team and to go up a few gears in early 2019. We also have to help our state candidates for their election on 23 March. 

But for the moment, here’s a quick look at what I think you need to know.

In solidarity,




The federal Shadow Minister for Communication, Michelle Rowland, will be visiting the electorate of Cowper next Monday and Tuesday to talk about Labor’s plans for the NBN, ABC and other communications and media policy issues, including poor mobile telephone reception. 

I have asked Michelle to visit Cowper in response to going concerns about the state of the NBN and internet connectivity, reduced local media content and poor mobile telephone coverage on the Mid-North Coast. Here are the program and details of where you can meet Michelle or hear her on the radio:

Monday, 5 November 2018

11.00 am to 12.30 pm, Industry Forum at Innovation Hub Coffs Coast, Innovation Hub Coffs Coast (Doug Knight Drive, Coffs Harbour, Google Maps )
More details: LINK

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm, Community Meeting, Bellingen Golf Club, (1172 Waterfall Way, Bellingen, LINK )
Register here: LINK

5.00 pm to 6.30 pm, Community Meeting, Great Northern Hotel, Kempsey, (40 Elbow St, West Kempsey, LINK)
Register here: LINK

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

8.30 am to 9.00 am, Media Interview, ABC Port Macquarie



We will be active at community markets up until election day. The schedule for November is:

  • 3 November – Kempsey
  • 4 November – Coffs Harbour Jetty
  • 10 November – Port Macquarie
  • 17 November – Bellingen


Copy of Eventbrite CitC v3 with Baldo
I am holding a fundraising event in Sydney for party supporters and friends. Anyone is welcome! So if you have any friends, colleagues, family or other contacts in Sydney, let them know about this event. It is on Sunday, 18 November 2018 at The Oaks Hotel at Neutral Bay at 4.00 pm.

Members of the Hawke and Keating Governments will come together to share tall tales about their times in the Ministry, governments and offices of two of our greatest leaders.

Our second confirmed speaker is Simon Balderstone AM, a staffer to both Bob and Paul. Simon will join The Hon. John Brown, former Minister for Sport and Tourism and Member for Parramatta, 1977 to 1990 for an afternoon of tall tales and war stories. Another speaker will be announced soon.

Please send your friends this link:



The Coffs Harbour Bypass is the single largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in the federal electorate of Cowper. So far, the handling by the federal and state governments has been a complete and embarrassing shambles. Country Labor Candidate for Coffs Harbour, Tony Judge, and I are on the case. 

In short, the three expected tunnels have been dumped for trenches – 30 to 50 per cent bigger than the cruise liner the QE2! The trenches design proposed by the governments on the long known route is way higher, noisier, uglier and dirtier than previously announced. What the Nationals are planning is a social, environmental and economic disaster. 

 Our position is very, very clear:

  1. Labor in principle supports the Coffs Harbour Bypass project.
  2. From 2008 to 2018, the community expected tunnels and the governments must deliver.
  3. The governments should have completed all critical studies before releasing a ‘Preferred Concept Design’.
  4. We need to know the real reasons why the tunnels were dumped, when and who approved this. 
  5. The governments have misled the community about their public reasons for changing the design. 
  6. The governments must complete all critical studies this year and release all reports. 
  7. The governments must keep public consultation open for one month after the release of the last new report. 
  8. The governments are a long way from reaching consensus with the community on the route and design.
  9. Governments should scrap the current design and release a revised Preferred Concept Design in the first quarter of 2019. 
  10. The governments need to come clean on the Coffs Harbour Bypass project.

You can read more on Labor’s work on the bypass at and a submission that myself and the Country Labor Candidate for Coffs Harbour put in as a part of the public consultation process. You can read a summary here – LINK – and download a detailed 10-page report at this page. LINK


181031 Public schools funding boost in Cowper

Public schools in Cowper will be $22.2 million better off over three years under a federal Labor Government. Labor today released school-by-school details of its plans to spend $14 billion on public schools over its first three years in office.

You can look up how much better off each school will be by visiting:

We want to reassure parents that there will be extra resources for more one on one attention for their child. This will go towards more help if their kids are struggling, more extension activities if their kids are gifted and talented, more subject choice, more continuing professional development for teachers.

You can read the full local news release here: LINK

Updated: 31 October 2018